How can I get involved?

Expanding The Table has many volunteer opportunities. Our Volunteers are the heart of our mission.  They do everything from cooking to cleaning up after one of our meals. See below for a description of each role.  If you are interested in volunteering, you can find sign-up information listed for each role.

Dessert Team:

The homemade dessert team consists of over a dozen volunteers. Each week we have volunteers prepare 60 servings of homemade desserts in their own homes to be served on either Friday or Saturday.  We have folks sign up a month in advance and ask that the desserts be brought to the church office at 1411 Bacons Bridge Rd. the day they will be served.

Sign up to be part of the Dessert Team.

    Team Lead:

    For a month at a time, the team lead oversees loading the truck. They are responsible for packing the correct amount of food and supplies for each day, turning on the propane inside the truck, and starting the generator. This role is typically filled by a season’s volunteer.

    1 Driver:

    This role is limited to those persons who are authorized drivers on our insurance policy and have been trained.  If you wish to be included as a possible driver, please contact John Walker to be added to the policy. Responsibilities include the following

    • Arrive at the church office an hour before serving time to assist the Team Lead with nightly preparations. 
    • Turn on the generator and oven.
    • The oven temps should be set at 350 degrees.  Place all pans identified to be served for that night into the oven.  Allow at least 30 minutes before serving.   
    • Check inventory of all items for the nightly serving.  Use the checklist to make sure all items are fully stocked. 
    • Drive the truck to and from the serving location.
    • Return to the office after serving and assist in the cleanup with the Team Lead.
    •  If the team leader is not present, they will complete the responsibilities of the team lead. 

    3 Servers inside:

    Inside servers help by preparing the meals, and adding the entrees and desserts to the bag/box.

    Each serving night will require at least two servers.  Below are the roles assigned to each with an optional third person to make grilled cheese sandwiches if a third person is available.

    • Server one- Fill the meal trays with the main meal for the evening.  Each pan should have an estimated number of servings from each pan. 
    • Server two- Add desserts to the trays and hand the meal from the window to the guest or the hospitality volunteers. 
    • Server three- Optional – Use the griddle to make the grilled cheese sandwiches and wrap them in foil as they are finished. We will average 50-60 sandwiches weekly if these are made. 

    Hospitality: 3 Hosts/Hostesses:

    These team members are the faces of Expanding the Table.  Providing a welcoming atmosphere and spending time with each of our quests.  Responsibilities include the following:

    • Create an environment where everyone feels like an honored guest
    • Serve guest’s food and drinks.  Offer refills.
    • Dine with the guests as if they were at your kitchen table.